Mozaki Blocks

Mozaki Blocks

Mozaki blocks is an original, mind-bending puzzle in the style of Tetris

Mozaki blocks is an original, mind-bending puzzle that combines elements of Tetris and match 3 games. The game consists in constructing a path of same-colored blocks so as to connect the walls of the grid with the tile that is in the center. Though simple as it may seem, the puzzle can become really intricate as you level up, adding a nice bit of challenge to the gameplay.
On the left panel you will see colored blocks falling randomly from above. What you have to do is pick one of these, rotate it to find the most convenient position, and strategically place it over the wall to start building up a connection. Once you manage to create a path, all the blocks connected to it will be cleared and you will be awarded points. There is a number of connections that you need to create per level, which increases as the game moves on. So when you create the required connections, the colors of the walls will shuffle and a new level will start. Additionally, you will be receiving bonus points if you manage to create large blocks of a single color.
With bright, lively graphics, and cool sound effects, this is a simple and clever puzzle that is easy to learn but quite hard to solve.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Nice, bright graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Very entertaining


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